Is Artificial Grass Suitable For Dogs

By March 28, 2018Artificial Grass
Artificial grass for dogs

If you are looking for a lawn that your dogs and pets can enjoy all the round, then artificial grass is the perfect solution. The soft, hardwearing surface enables your pet to run and play outside on your lawn whatever the Great British weather present and amazingly leaves no muddy paw prints. Dogs will love it and so will you.

The Benefits

One of the big benefits of fake grass is that it’s very easy to clean. Don’t panic if pets “do their business”, the grass fibers will remain completely undamaged and will not discolor – no more yellow or burnt patches.

The grass is designed to allow pet urine to drain through to the gravel under the surface. If you find your pets are continually using the same area, we suggest from time to time especially on warm sunny days, to hose down the area.

This will prevent any urine smells from occurring, this is defiantly an important step if your synthetic grass was laid on a concrete or decking area where drainage is difficult.

As for pet solids simply pick up as usual and hose down the area. You can even use warm soapy water if you prefer.

Does your dog like to dig?

Artificial grass is suitable for dogs that like to dig. If you’ve got one of those dogs what likes to take that new expensive bone you’ve just brought it into the garden to burry or even those adventuring dogs what like to think they’re moles and dig large tunnels …..

Then this will definitely be a solution, all our synthetic grasses are dog friendly and are made from the toughest of materials so digging shouldn’t be a problem !!

Will Artificial grass stop mud ?

Yes !! Tired of letting your dog outside then seeing your furry friends paw prints all over your carpets or beautiful flooring. Fake Grass eliminates this. The grass is designed to allow rainwater to drain through whilst preventing any mud or mess coming back though from the ground below. No more muddy paws! From Rainstorms to snow your dog will be able to play and adventure giving you the reassurance they won’t be any mud to clean up afterwards.

Which is the best artificial grass for dogs and pets?

All artificial grass is suitable for pets, however consider choosing a shorter pile height, since they are easier to clean.

Can I install shock pads underneath my grass if I have a pet or dog?

Shock Pads are installed underneath artificial grass to absorb impact so reducing injury if children fall, making them ideal for areas such as playgrounds and schools or where any play equipment is installed. Whilst rainwater will drain through the shock pad underneath the grass, pet urine can leave behind smells in the foamy layers, which can become noticeable over time and will be difficult to remove. Therefore if the area is going to be used by children and pets, you need to consider if you really need the shock pads.

Should you require more information on our artificial grass for pets please feel free to contact us.

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