Pictures below have been taken from recent projects that we have carried out. These included hard landscaping, soft landscaping, grounds maintenance, artificial grass installation and grass rubber matting.
Overgrown back garden Preparing ground before laying Astro Turf Levelling of ground Laying of Artificial Grass Removal of existing lawn area No Need too mow, water or feed artificial grass Shaded Grass Area Artificial Grass is a perfect solution for shaded grass areas. Slippy decking can be a problem in gardens Artificial grass can be placed on top of decking areas Transform a slippery decking area. Artificial grass placed on slippery steps Aluminium eging Lifting turf  Preparing the ground  Laying weedblock prevents weeds growing through your new lawn Compacting MOT Compact Grit sand before laying Astro turf Excellent option as a low maintenance garden Our Artificial Grass is pet friendly - no more bald or brown patches Artificial grass can be placed on tarmac, decking, grass or compact soil Excellent low maintenance garden Artificial Grass is a great option as a low maintenance garden Artificial Grass is soft durable and usable all the year round Say goodbye to muddy grass Apply MOT before laying artificial grass Applying Grit sand Power Sweeping the Artificial Grass Preparing ground before laying artificial grass Installation of fake grass Removal of exisiting front lawn Artificial grass perfect for domestic gardens Overgrown front lawn area Trimming of shrubs Applying silca sand to artificial grass No Mud, No Mess, No Mow Save cost on garden maintenance Preparing the grounds before laying artificial grass Artificial grass does not require mowing, feeding or watering Artificial grass laid on decking which was slippey Worn out grass areas from children and pets Pets and children can have fun all the year round. Transform a bald grass area Artificial Grass is Child Friendly Artificial Grass is perfect for all spaces Excellent drinage allowing rainwater to drain through. Fake Grass is perfect for shaded grass areas Astro Turf is perfect for shaded areas. Artificial Grass is the perfect play solution Lifting turf from existing lawn Compacting MOT Installation of Astro Turf Power Brushing lawn area. Perfect for dogs - no more muddy paws Removal of Black rubber crumb surface Safe clean surface for a children to play Supply and installation of artifical grass Compacting MOT Stone Preparing of ground Artfical grass perfect for outdoor flooring Transform a tarmac or drab muddy space Artfical Grass laid in outside play area Grit sand and Shock pads Artficial grass provides a clean, safe, play surface all the year round. Transform a tarmac floor into a bright outdoor play area Artficial grass laid in a school quad area creating a bright outdoor play area Muddy play area in a school Artificial Grass provides a play surface that can be used all the year round Preparing ground Excellent alternative as an outdoor playground surface Prepraing the ground Provides a clean, safe play surface all the year round A problem play area in a school Artificial grass can be installed on various surfaces Muddy Play area leading to muddy shoes inside school Clean Play area which can be used all the year round Muddy Play which can't be used by children in a school Children can play all year round on artificial grass Artificial grass being laid on an outside balacony Astro turf is perfect for balaconies Overgrown Quad area Preparing ground before installing Astro Turf Preparing ground Delivery of Artificial Grass Installation of Artificial Grass Safe Clean Quad Area for Children to play Astro Turf is suitable for play areas in schools Artificial Grass creates a bright outdoor play area. Problems with bark path ways Astro Turf is perfect solution for childrens play areas Excellent driange in Astro Turf means children can play out all the year round - no more muddy shoes Artificial Grass is available in all colours